CGS Kids GeoZone

Welcome to the CGS Kids GeoZone! This site is dedicated to students having fun while learning about the geosciences. Parents and teachers will find activities and links of interest here as well. The California Geological Survey supports and encourages your participation in our quest to expand the resources on these pages. Please send any comments or suggestions regarding the CGS Kids GeoZone to the CGS Webmaster.

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Coffee Ground "Fossils" Create your own fossils to display

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Crystal Garden Watch crystals grow

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Do Rocks Last Forever? The weathering process in rocks 

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Earthquake Word Search A fun word search activity 

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Egg Tectonics Description of plate tectonics using eggs 

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Geologic Word Search Another fun word search activity 

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Make Your Own Volcano Make a volcano at home or school! 

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) Shake, Rattle and Liquefy This activity shows how liquefaction occurs 

bullet.gif (15548 bytes) What's this Bike Made Of? Shows the variety of minerals that make up a bicycle

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