Mineral Land Classification

The California Geological Survey (CGS) provides objective economic-geologic expertise to assist in the protection and development of mineral resources through the land-use planning process. This effort is mandated by the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA). The primary products are mineral land classification maps and reports. Local agencies are required to use the classification information when developing land-use plans and when making land-use decisions.

Publication Index

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Publications of the SMARA Mineral Land Classification Project Dealing with Mineral Resources in California (pdf) - This reference is a chronological index of mineral land classification reports produced by staff of CGS's SMARA Mineral Land Classification Project since 1979. The reports are also indexed by county.

MLC maps and reports are also available in The CGS Information Warehouse: MLC

Aggregate Sustainability in California - Map Sheet 52, Updated 2018

This map and accompanying report provides general inf​ormation about the current availability of California's permitted aggregate reserves. The map compares projected aggregat​e demand for the next 50 years with currently permitted aggregate reserves for more than 30 aggregate study areas throughout the state. The map also highlights regions where there are less than 10 years of permitted aggregate supply remaining.

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Mineral Lands Classification Guidelines and Petition Information

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