Mt. Soledad landslide in La Jolla, CA - October 2007

California Geological Survey

California is the most geologically diverse and the second most seismically active state in the USA. The California Geological Survey (CGS) provides scientific products and services about the state's geology, seismology and mineral resources, including their related hazards, that affect the health, safety, and business interests of the people of California. We are one of the oldest geological surveys in the nation, and today produce more products and provide more services to more people than any other state survey. –“A​ltiora Petimus”​ ​(We Reach Higher​​)

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Maps and DataMaps and DataLooking for California geologic maps or GIS data? Start here.
CGS PublicationsCGS PublicationsMaps, reports, data, guidebooks and more are available for download and purchase.
Earthquake Data and ReportsEarthquake Data and ReportsLinks to the Center for Engineering Strong Motion Data, Internet Quick Reports and Internet Data Reports, ShakeMaps, and SMIP Seminar information.
Mineral Resources ProgramMineral Resources ProgramInformation about non-fuel mineral resources, naturally occurring mineral hazards, and active and historic mining activities throughout the state.
EarthquakesEarthquakesRecent and historic earthquakes, faults, earthquake probabilities, earthquake loss estimation, seismic hazard zonation, and more
LandslidesLandslidesInformation about landslides and landslide mapping.
TsunamisTsunamisGeneral tsunami information, tsunami preparedness, links to tsunami inundation maps, and more.



Celebrate Geologic Map Day on October 18!Geologic Map Day focuses the attention of students, teachers, and the general public on the creation, study, uses, and significance of geologic maps. We invite you to explore our collection of digital geologic maps at, 'Geologic Map Day' at earthsciweek.org2019-10-01T07:00:00Z
CGS announces five new Seismic Hazard Zone mapsSeismic Hazard Zones are areas that have potential for ground deformation caused by liquefaction or landslides. Areas affected by this release are in Contra Costa and San Mateo counties; click/tap the image for more information., CGS Official Releases page2019-04-04T07:00:00Z
Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 25-29, 2019The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Geological Survey commemorate Tsunami Preparedness Week. Click/tap this news item to access, a website loaded with tsunami-related information and educational materials., - California2019-03-25T07:00:00Z
Anniversary of the 1933 Long Beach EarthquakeOn March 10, 1933, a large earthquake tore through the city of Long Beach, prompting the California State Legislature to pass the Field Act., /cgs/Pages/Earthquakes/LongBeach.aspx2019-03-09T08:05:00Z
California's Exposure to Volcanic HazardsA new report states that eruptions are as likely as big earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault in the Bay Area. The USGS is the principal author; the California Geological Survey and Governor’s Office of Emergency Services contributed.,



2019 Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 25-292019-03-25T07:00:00Z, - California