CGS Borehole Database

Welcome to the CGS Borehole Database. This version of the data access is an interim product intended to provide access while we prepare a longer term solution. Please review the following disclaimer, table structure and description, and data download instructions before accessing the database.

The database currently contains only liquefaction-related boreholes.

Borehole Data Download Instructions

  1. Navigate the map to your area of interest
  2. Open the Borehole Search Tool Borehole DB search icon
  3. Select one of the graphical selection tools (circle, box, or polygon)
  4. Draw the shape to select the boreholes of interest.
  5. When the table appears at the bottom of the map, select the boreholes in the table that you'd like detailed information on by clicking on the row, or selecting multiple rows by clicking on one and then holding shift down to select all of the rows between the first and last click.
  6. Under options select "Export to CSV".
  7. Under options, select "Show Related Records"
  8. To download, select each table, and then under "Options", select "Export to CSV." Each table must be exported individually.
  9. To start a new selection:
    1. Close all visible tables in the table window.
    2. Click "Clear" in the Borehole Search window.


  • Keep the number of boreholes you select for downloading under about 50. Larger selections will make the borehole selection in step 5 difficult.
  • When you open the related tables, you will start out seeing the last of the tables. The others will be displayed to the left.
  • You do not need to select all of the individual rows in the related tables before exporting. If no rows are selected, all rows will be exported.
  • When downloading the Disclaimer and Table Structure tables, select just the first record to reduce your download size.
Click here to open the CGS Borehole Database.