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San Luis Obispo County Geology Publications


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B 183Franciscan and Related Rocks and Their Significance in the Geology of Western California, 1964, scale 1:4,800,000
B 199Basic Geology of the Santa Margarita Area, San Luis Obispo County, California, 1976, 45 p., 1 plate, scale 1:24,000
B 207Geology of the California Continental Margin, 1988, 110 p. (Companion volume to CMM 1 through 7)
BGA 2Bouguer Gravity Map of California: Bakersfield Sheet, 1975, scale 1:250,000
CMM 4Geology of the South-Central California Continental Margin, 1989, 4 sheets, scale 1:250,000
GAM 2Geologic Map of California: Bakersfield Sheet, 1964, scale 1:250,000
GAM 18Geologic Map of California: San Luis Obispo Sheet, 1958, scale 1:250,000
GAM 21Geologic Map of California: Santa Maria Sheet, 1959, scale 1:250,000
MS 24Geology of the Arroyo Grande [15'] Quadrangle, San Luis Obispo County, California, scale 1:48,000
SP 35Preliminary Report and Geologic Guide to Francsican Melanges of the Morro Bay-San Simeon Area [San Luis Obispo County], California, 1970
SR 128K-Feldspar in Upper Mesozoic Sandstone Units Near Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County, California, 1977
OFR 89-08Aeromagnetic Map of the San Luis Obispo 1° By 2° Quadrangle, California, 1989, scale 1:250,000
OFR 89-09Aeromagnetic Map of the Santa Maria 1° By 2° Quadrangle, California, 1989, scale 1:250,000
OFR 89-22Aeromagnetic Map of the Los Angeles 1° By 2° Quadrangle, California, 1989, scale 1:250,000
OFR 89-24Aeromagnetic Map of the Bakersfield 1° By 2° Quadrangle, California, 1989, scale 1:250,000
OFR 78-17Geologic Map of the Point Buchon Area, San Luis Obispo County, California, 1978, scale 1:24,000

San Luis Obispo County Geohazards & Environmental Geology Publications


SR 118San Andreas Fault in Southern California, A Guide to San Andreas Fault from Mexico to Carrizo Plain, 1975, 272 p. This guide includes 28 papers.
SR 119Landsliding in Marine Terrace Terrain, California, 1975
SR 138Distribution of Heavy Elements Hazardous to Health, Salinas Valley Region [Monterey, San Benito, and San Luis Obispo Counties], California, 1980
OFR 86-03Summary Report: Fault Evaluation Program, 1984-1985 Area — Southern Coast Ranges Region and Other Areas [Monterey, San Beniro, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara Counties], California, 1986
OFR 80-05Geology for Planning: Guadalupe and Point Sal [7.5'] Quadrangles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, California, 1980
OFR 80-06Geology for Planning: Cayucos and Cypress Mountain [7.5'] Quadrangles, San Luis Obispo County, California, 1980
OFR 77-08Summary Report: Fault Evaluation Program, 1976 Area - Western Transverse Ranges, Kern, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California, 1977


San Luis Obispo County Mineral Resource Publications


B 193Gold Districts of California—Sesquicentennial Edition, California Gold Discovery to Statehood, Seventh Printing, 1998, 186 p., 1 plate, scale 1:1,000,000. An overall guide to gold deposits in California, this bulletin describes the principal features of each gold-bearing district. Longer descriptions of selected districts cover location and extent, history, Geology and character of gold deposits, list of mines and bibliography.
B 194The Mineral Economics of the Carbonate Rocks and Limestone and Dolomite Resources of California, 1973, 60 p., 2 plates, scale 1:1,000,000
B 197Limestone, Dolomite, and Shell Resources of the Coast Ranges Province, California, 1978, 103 p., 2 plates, scale 1:1,000,000 and 1:62,500
B 208Zeolites in California, 1988, 73 p., 1 plate, scale 1:1,000,000
SR 162Mineral Land Classification: Portland Cement Concrete Aggregate and Active Mines of All Other Mineral Commodities in the San Luis Obispo-Santa Barbara Production-Consumption Region [San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, California], 1991
OFR 83-11Resource Investigation of Low- and Moderate-Temperature Geothermal Areas, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California, 1983