Glossary of CGS Publication Series

  • AMM - Aeromagnetic Map: A Regional Geologic Map (RGM) with aeromagnetic gravity contours superimposed on it.
  • B - Bulletin: The CGS Bulletin series is used for topics of state-wide or regional importance. CGS Bulletins are thorough and authoritative treatments of those topics and are expected to be basic reference works for many years.
  • BGA - Bouguer Gravity Atlas: A series of Geologic Atlas Maps (GAM) with Bouguer gravity contours superimposed on them.
  • BGM - Bouguer Gravity Map: A Regional Geologic Map (RGM) with Bouguer gravity contours superimposed on it.
  • CD/DVD - Compact Disc/Digital Video Disc: No longer produced by the CGS, these discs provided data files that can now be downloaded from the internet.
  • CGS Notes: Printer-friendly summaries of specific subjects which are most requested by the public.
  • CR - County Report: The CGS County Report series was published between 1962 and 1977 to summarize the geology and mineral deposits of counties. These reports summarize local mining history and prospects.
  • EFZ/SSZ - Earthquake Fault Zones/Special Studies Zones map: Superseded by EZRIM, EFZ/SSZ maps delineated potentially active earthquake faults for zoning per the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act. Maps in this series issued prior to June 1, 1995 will have "SPECIAL STUDIES ZONES" in the title block instead of "EARTHQUAKE FAULT ZONES." Each EFZ/SSZ map is associated with a specific Fault Evaluation Report (FER).
  • EZRIM - Earthquake Zones of Required Investigation Map: EZRIM delineate Seismic Hazard Zones and Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones on a single map. Before 2006, such zones were depicted on separate map products (SHZM and EFZ/SSZ maps). Each EZRIM is associated with a specific Fault Evaluation Report (FER) and/or a Seismic Hazard Zone Report (SHZR).
  • FER - Fault Evaluation Report: Fault Evaluation Reports assess potentially active earthquake faults, recommending Earthquake Fault Zones (EFZ) when appropriate, per the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act. FERs with recommended EFZs are associated with one or more EZRIM (or EFZ/SSZ maps in older FERs).
  • GAM - Geologic Atlas [of California] Map: The Geologic Atlas of California, published between 1958 and 1969, shows the geology of the entire state on a series of maps at 1:250,000 scale.
  • GDM - Geologic Data Map: Geologic Data Maps depict the geology or some aspect of the geology of the entire state, typically on one image at 1:750,000 scale.
  • LSIM - Landslide Inventory Map: Landslide Inventory Maps show the locations of known landslides at 1:24,000-scale. Only twenty-five LSIM were produced between 2006 and 2013. After 2013, CGS published landslide inventory data via an interactive web map.
  • MS - Map Sheet: CGS Map Sheets show subregional areas or specialized aspects of the geology of the state.
  • OFR - Open-File Report: The CGS Open File Report series was published between 1964 and 2000. An OFR could be any coherent report, map, or other information designated for immediate release. After 1980, OFRs took the place of Preliminary Reports for timely publication of preliminary data and results. More efficient review and publication procedures since 2000 allow for such information to be included in the Special Report series.
  • PR - Preliminary Report: The CGS Preliminary Report series was last used in 1980 to present early results of ongoing studies in a timely manner. Similar to Open-File Reports, but generally printed in larger quantities and to be followed by a polished final version.
  • RGM - Regional Geologic Map: The CGS Regional Geologic Map series shows the geology of the state at regional scale. The first maps in this series updated some of the Geologic Atlas Maps (1:250,000 scale). More recent maps in the RGM series show the geology at scales of 1:100,000 and 1:24,000. A limited collection of geophysical maps are part of the RGM series.
  • SHZM - Seismic Hazard Zone Map: Superseded by EZRIM, SHZM were 1:24,000-scale maps that identified potential areas of liquefaction and earthquake-induced landslides per the Seismic Hazards Mapping Act. Each SHZM was associated with a specific Seizmic Hazard Zone Report (SHZR).
  • SHZR - Seismic Hazard Zone Report: Seismic Hazard Zone Reports summarize the methods and sources of information used to prepare an associated SHZM or EZRIM.
  • SP - Special Publication: Originally published from 1881-1910, the CGS Special Publication series was first used for catalogs of the state museum collections. The modern Special Publication series began in 1958 and is used for specialized information or results of special activities, such as field trip guidebooks, proceedings volumes, or reprinted portions of out-of-print publications. Special Publications are more limited in scope than Special Reports.
  • SR - Special Report: The CGS Special Report series has been published since 1950 for topics of local concern and application. CGS Special Reports contain the best current treatment of those topics.
  • SSZ - Special Studies Zones [map]: See EFZ/SSZ.

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