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Marin County Geology Publications



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AMM 2Aeromagnetic Map of the Santa Rosa Quadrangle, California, 1988, scale 1:250,000
AMM 5Aeromagnetic Map of the San Francisco-San Jose  Quadrangle, California, 1992, scale 1:250,000
B 183Franciscan and Related Rocks and Their Significance in the Geology of Western California, 1964, scale 1:4,800,000
B 202Geology of the Point Reyes Peninsula, Marin County, California, 1977
B 207Geology of the California Continental Margin, 1988, 110 p. (Companion volume to CMM 1 through 7)
BGA 16Bouguer Gravity Map of California: San Francisco Sheet, 1968, scale: 1:250,000
BGM 2Bouguer Gravity Map of the Santa Rosa Quadrangle, California, 1988, scale 1:250,000
CMM 5Geology of the Central California Continental Margin, 1990, 4 sheets, scale 1:250,000
CMM 6Geology of the North-Central California Continental Margin, 1989, 4 sheets, scale 1:250,000
MS 11Geology of a Portion of Western Marin County, California, 1969, scale: 1:48,000
RGM 2Geologic Map of the Santa Rosa Quadrangle, California, 1982, scale 1:250,000 (set of 5 sheets)
RGM 5Geologic Map of the San Francisco-San Jose Quadrangle, California, 1990, scale 1:250,000 (3 sheets only available: Sheet 1-Geologic Map, Sheet 2-Geologic Map Explanation, and Sheet 5-Recency of Faulting). Available only as rolled sheets.
SP 109Geologic Excursions in Northern California: San Francisco to the Sierra Nevada (For Joint Meeting of Geological Society of America and Seismological Society of America), 1991, 130 p.
SP 114Field Guide to the Geology and Metamorphism of the Franciscan Complex and Western Metamorphic Belt of Northern California (for the International Symposium "The Transition from Basalt to Metabasalt: Environments, Processes, and Petrogenesis"), 1992, 78 p.
SP 119Geologic Field Trips in Northern California (For the Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America), 1999, 254 p.
    OFR 87-04Aeromagnetic Map of the San Francisco/San Jose 1° By 3° Quadrangle, California, 1987, scale 1:250,000
    OFR 78-07Principal Facts and Sources for 1,607 Gravity Stations on the Santa Rosa 1° By 2° Quadrangle, California, 1978


    Marin County Geohazards & Environmental Geology Publications




    SP 61Earthquake Planning Scenario for a Magnitude 8.3 Earthquake on the San Andreas fault in San Francisco Bay Area, 1982
    SP 78Earthquake Planning Scenario for a Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake on the Hayward fault in San Francisco Bay Area, 1982
    SP 112Planning Scenario for a Major Earthquake on the Rodgers Creek Fault in Northern San Francisco Bay Area, 1994
    SR 97Geologic and Engineering Aspects of San Francisco Bay Fill, 1969, 130 p., 4 plates, scale 1:80,000. Contains 6 papers on the topic, plus maps of Bay Area geology, bay mud thicknesses and bedrock contours.
    OFR 84-22An Analysis of Slope Failures in Eastern Marin County, California, Resulting from the January 3 and 4, 1982 Storm, 1984
    OFR 83-10Summary Report: Fault Evaluation Program, 1981-1982 Area—Northern Coast Ranges Region [Colusa, Del Norte, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Shasta, Siskiyou, Solano, Sonoma, Tehama, and Trinity Counties], California, 1983
    OFR 82-23Script and Slides for Earthquake Planning Scenario Presentation on the San Francisco Bay Area, California, 1982
    OFR 77-15Geology for Planning in Western Marin County, California, 1977
    OFR 76-02Geology for Planning: Central and Southeastern Marin County, California, 1976
    OFR 75-01Geology for Planning, Novato Area, Marin County, 1975



    Marin County Mineral Resource Publications


    B 194The Mineral Economics of the Carbonate Rocks and Limestone and Dolomite Resources of California, 1973, 60 p., 2 plates, scale 1:1,000,000
    B 197Limestone, Dolomite, and Shell Resources of the Coast Ranges Province, California, 1978, 103 p., 2 plates, scale 1:1,000,000 and 1:62,500
    SP 49California Jade: A Collection of Reprints, 1976
    • Nephrite Jade and Associated Rocks of the Cape San Martin Region, Monterey County, California, 1951
    • Nephrite in Marin County, California, 1951
    • Jadeite in San Benito County, California, 1951
    • Intrusive Ultramafic Rocks and Their Metamorphic Relationships at Leech Lake Mountain, Mendocino County, California, 1963
    • Nephrite Jade in Mariposa County, California, 1966
    SR 146 (PART I)Mineral Land Classification: Aggregate Materials in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area [Central California], 1986
    SR 146 (PART III)Mineral Land Classification: Aggregate Materials in the North San Francisco Bay Production-Consumption Region [Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties, California], 1987