OSMS 96-02

OSMS 96-02

"Strong Motion Instrumentation and Recent Data Recorded at Dams"

by A.F. Shakal and M.J. Huang

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Shakal, A.F. and M.J. Huang (1996). Strong Motion Instrumentation and Recent Data Recorded at Dams. Proceedings of 1996 Western Regional Technical Seminar. Earthquake Engineering for Dams, Association of State Dam Safety Officials, April 11-12, 1996, Sacramento, Califormia, p. 111-126.

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The measurement of strong motion has made significant advances in the last two decades. This paper reviews past and present instruments and techniques in strongmotion measurement, especially for dam instrumentation. Some of the most important recent strong-motion records obtained in California are reviewed for their impact in the earthquake instrumentation and response of dams.

This paper also considers current developments in instrumentation. Near-real-time strong-motion recording, which is an important emerging development that will see greater application in the future, is also reviewed.