OSMS 88-01

OSMS 88-01

"Processing of 9WCEE Strong Motion Workshop Test Records by CSMIP"

by A.F. Shakal, M.J. Huang and T.Q. Cao

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Five test records of the Second Workshop on Processing Strong Motion Records were processed by the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP). Although the records may not be similar in noise characteristics and other aspects to the records which CSMIP normally processes from its 500 station network, standard processing was used for the purposes of the workshop. The CSMIP post-digitization processing is similar in many respects to that first used by the California Institute of Technology (Trifunac and Lee, 1973). The primary difference involves the selection of filter frequencies through analysis of the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the noise spectrum of the digitizing system. In addition, attempts have been made to standardize procedures so that the Large number of records recorded by the CSMIP network can be processed and distributed to users in a consistent manner. In general, filter selections are made conservatively, since distributing data with significant noise contamination is judged worse, for an average data user, than distributing data in which some signal has been lost in ensuring that most of the noise has been removed.