OSMS 84-03

OSMS 84-03

"The California Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program: Status and Goals"

by A.F. Shakal

Shakal, A.F. (1984). The California Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program: Status and Goals, in Earthquake Records and Design, EERI Seminar, February 9, 1984, Pasadena, CA.

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The California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (SMIP) was established following the destructive 1971 San Fernando earthquake to increase the limited set of data on strong earthquake shaking. The program installs and maintains strong-motion recorders in representative structures and geological environments throughout the state. Strong-motion data recovered from the instruments is processed and made available to engineers and seismologists involved in predicting or designing for earthquake shaking. The goal of the strong-motion program is to provide the data necessary to improve seismic codes and increase seismic safety.

Since the inception of the program a total of nearly 400 installations of various types have been completed (Figure 1). Stations and buildings are selected for instrumentation on the basis of recommendations of a program advisory committee of the Seismic Safety Commission. Various organizations and professional groups provide input to the advisory committee.