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To submit school projects for CGS review

CGS requires a physical check and two wet-signed copies of the contract document (Work Order Form). CGS will return one completed Work Order Form to the originator. All other documents should be uploaded directly using our upload widget (see Upload Widget at the bottom of this page). Projects will not be processed until CGS has received all the documents.

  1. Upload the following items:
    • Geologic hazard reports, geotechnical reports, seismic reports
    • Site Data Report from registered design professional in responsible charge (as required by CBC §1603A.2)
    • CGS Form 1A/1B: Application and Work Order for Assessment of Geologic Hazard Reports (print and sign two hardcopies, which must be mailed; see below)
    • Current site plan
    • NOTE: All file names should start with the name of the school so that CGS can associate all the files together, and connect them with the payment received via mail. A note can also be added to the “Description” field of the upload widget.
  2. And submit the following items via mail:

CGS Mailing Address and Telephone Number:

  • California Geological Survey
    School Review Unit
    715 P Street, MS 1901
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 879-2237

To submit responses to CGS comments

Responses to CGS comments may also be uploaded via our widget. The file name should start with the name of the school, and the CGS project number should be provided in the “Description” field of the widget.

See also

School Project Review Frequently Asked Questions

Upload Widget

CGS uses to receive uploaded files. Please use the widget below to submit your files. We will receive an email notification when your upload is complete.

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