Teacher Resource Center Borrowing Policy

Teachers currently employed by an educational institution in California may borrow materials directly from this collection. Homeschoolers and parents may not borrow materials directly but may borrow books and videos by requesting an interlibrary loan through their public library.

Borrowing Material:

Teachers who wish to borrow material must initially bring or mail a letter from a principal or administrator on school letterhead verifying employment in that school.

Requests for material may be made in person at the library, by mail, telephone, or e-mail (cgslib@consrv.ca.gov). Material can be checked out of the library in person by the teacher or can be mailed.

The teacher is responsible for all materials borrowed from the collection. Should an item be lost or broken, the teacher must replace that item.

Items may be borrowed for three weeks with one renewal. If you wish to renew, please call (916) 445-5716 or e-mail (cgslib@consrv.ca.gov).

Returning Material:

Material can be returned in person or mailed. If kits, etc. are returned by mail, they must be packaged properly.