Geologic Hazard Review

Essential Facility Plan Review

old style school houseThe CGS reviews plans and documents relating to geologic hazards and issues that apply directly to potential impacts of land use modification. As part of this process, the CGS provides site reviews on consulting reports in geology, seismology, and geotechnical engineering for public school and hospital construction. We use CGS Note 48, our checklist for the review of Engineering Geology and Seismology reports, to help ensure all reports conform to the requirements of the California Building Code.

Timber Harvesting Plan Review

landslide spilling into riverThe CGS provides technical information and advice about landslides, erosion, sedimentation, and other geologic hazards to the public and to agencies and industries that make land-use decisions on California's forested lands and in watersheds where proposed activities may affect public safety, water quality, and fish habitat. 

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