CGS Information Warehouse

The CGS Information Warehouse is a place to find and download selected reports, maps, and data published by the California Geological Survey.

Choose a link below based on your desired theme, and click it. A new tab will open containing an interactive map specific to that theme. Please read the map's welcome screen; it provides important information. The map will show geographic regions (typically a grid of USGS 7.5-minute quadrangles). Click on one of these regions to view a popup with links to the available maps, reports, and/or data for that region.


Regulatory Maps and Reports (Alquist-Priolo and Seismic Hazard Zones)

Landslide Maps and Reports

Tsunami Inundation Zone Maps

Mineral Land Classification/SMARA Maps and Reports

Borehole Database

Please note, separate applications will be necessary to view or use downloaded content; for example, a PDF viewer is needed to view PDF files, and GIS software is needed to use GIS data.


  • Read the directions for each map.
  • Play with the controls in the upper left and right corners of each map.
  • Have fun exploring!

Need Help?

Please direct any problems, questions or comments about the Information Warehouse to the GIS Coordinator.