Laws and Policy


The Division of Land Resource Protection provides an annual summary of new legislation affecting the Williamson Act. Below is a summary of legislative changes and budgetary changes.​


Equine Facilities Policy (PDF)

AB 1265 - Advisory Statement (PDF) Recapture of Property Tax Loss 

Statutes & Regulations

The links below are directed to each section of statute (law) on the
Official California Legislative Information website, or the specific California Code of Regulations website where appropriate. 

Solar-Use Easements

Chapter 6.9
Government Code Sections 51190 - 51192.2

Article 1



Article 2

 General Provisions

 51191 - 51191.8 

Article 3

 Extinguishment of a Solar-Use Easement

 51192 - 51192.2 

California Land Conservation Act

Chapter 7
Government Code Sections 51200 - 51297.4 

Article 1

 General Provisions


Article 2



Article 2.5

 Agricultural Preserves


Article 3



Article 5



Article 6

 Eminent Domain or Other Acquisition


Article 7

 Farmland Security Zones


Open Space Subventions

Chapter 3
Government Code Sections 16140 - 16154

Chapter 3

 Open Space Subventions


Assessment of Contracted Lands

Chapter 3
Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 421 - 430.5

Article 1.5

Valuation of Open-Space Land Subject to an Enforceable Restriction

421- 430.5 

Subdivision Map Act

Specific Section of the Government Code

Article 1

Homesite Subdivision Requirements for Land Under Contract


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