Reports and Statistics

Data and Maps

Maps on program enrollment status, as provided by participating counties. The most recent data submitted has been posted.

Williamson Act Maps (PDF)

Biennial Williamson Act Status Reports

The Williamson Act Status Reports are mandated by Government Code section 51207. The purpose of the reports is to provide information to the Legislature and general public on the implementation of the Act by counties and cities. Except for the first two reports, the reports are produced in even numbered years and contain detailed enrollment statistics for the previous two years.  

Status Report

Availability - PDF Format

​2016​​Available (2.67 MB)
Available (2.39 MB)
2012  Available (2.0 MB)
2010 Available (2.0 MB)
2008 Available (large--21 MB)
2006 Available (2.0 MB)
2004 Available (641 kb)
2002 Available (1.6 MB)
2000 not produced
1997-98 hardcopy
1995-1997 not produced
1993-1995 Available (5.6 MB)
1991-1993 Available (6.0 MB)
1990-91 Available (3.1 MB)
1989-90 hardcopy

Status Reports are available by contacting the Program at (916) 324-0850 or