Map Categories, Criteria, and Data

​​Important Farmland Maps show the relationship between the quality of soils for agricultural production and the land's use for agricultural, urban, or other purposes.  A biennial map update cycle and notation system employed by FMMP captures conversion to urban land while accommodating rotational cycles in agricultural use.

Map Products

Important Farmland Maps are updated and released every two years.  County, regional, and state maps are produced as standard products; many are available as large PDF files as well as in paper format.

The newest tool for accessing map and statistical data is the California Important Farmland Finder  (CIFF):

  • Search by county, address, zip code, lat/long coordinates; or the geolocate function on your mobile device. 
  • Place points, digitize areas of interest, create buffers, and obtain Important Farmland acreages. Information and basic instructions are available.

Other Information and Resources