Long-Term Trends

​​With more than 30 years of data in most locations, Important Farmland Maps are beginning to provide trend and context information to better inform land use decisions in California.  This section of the website will grow along with the archive of biennial information, so please check back regularly! 

Statistical Summaries  

FMMP is legislatively mandated to update maps of its survey area, now approximately 50 million acres in size, every two years.  Long-term studies are of high interest but must take a lower priority to the biennial production mandate.  Basic statistical summaries are available (Excel format) for county and statewide data:

 Maps and Graphics

Graphical representation of change is available:

  •  The newest tool for accessing map and statistical data is the California Important Farmland Finder  (CIFF):
    • Search by county, address, zip code, lat/long coordinates; or the geolocate function on your mobile device. 
    • Place points, digitize areas of interest, create buffers, and obtain Important Farmland acreages.​
  • The ​​Important Farmland Time Series​​ is  ​​​​an online tool to view the Important Farmland map data as a time series, from 1984 to the present.​​​

  • Downloadable Important Farmland data is available as GI​S data in the form of ESRI Shapefiles, zipped by update year, from 1984 to the 2020 update currently in progress.​

  • Map and Feature Services for viewing and downloading Important Farmland data directly in ArcGIS systems is also available.