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​​​The Department of Conservation (DOC) is pleased to announce the release of the 2022 Regional Forest and Fire Capacity (RFFC) Program Final ​Grant Guidelines​​. The grants funded with these Guidelines utilize the $110 million of General Fund monies appropriated to the DOC for the RFFC Program. ​

About The Program​

Public Resources Code section 4208.1 establishes the Regional Forest and Fire Capacity (RFFC) Program to support regional leadership to build local and regional capacity and develop, prioritize, and implement strategies and projects that create fire adapted communities and landscapes by improving ecosystem health, community wildfire preparedness, and fire resilience. The Department will provide block grants to regional entities (Regional Block Grantees) and to eligible coordinating organizations (Statewide Block Grantees) to support the statewide implementation of the program.
To accomplish the RFFC Program’s objectives, block grants will be utilized by recipients to support partner capacity, project readiness, implementation of demonstration projects, and regional priority planning to achieve landscape-level and community wildfire resilience consistent with the California Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan as well as the California Forest Carbon Plan and Executive Order B-52-18.

Broad and inclusive outreach and involvement in decision-making is a priority of the program. Regional block grantees are expected to partner extensively across their region to identify priorities and develop projects. Current block grantees partner heavily with state, federal, tribal, and local governments as well as water agencies, resource conservation districts, fire safe councils, and other nonprofits.

Current Grantees ​​​​

 North​​er​n Region North​​er​n Region​​

Inner Coast Collaborative (ICC)

ICC is a regional partnership of Napa County RCD, Clear Lake Environmental Resource Center (​​CLERC), Colusa County RCD, Solano County RCD, and Yolo County RCD, and is coordinated and administered by Napa County RCD. ICC is working region-wide to develop a regional priority plan, develop and plan projects to increase forest and fire resilience, increase regional capacity, and provide technical assistance. 

North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP)


NCRP is developi​ng a regional priority plan, facilitating project development to generate implementation ready projects, and providing grants for demonstration projects in the North Coast Region. ​

Northern Sacramento Valley Coalition (NSVC)​​​​


NSVC is a regional partnership of RCD of Tehama County, Glenn County RCD, Shasta Valley RCD, and Western Shasta RCD and is coordinated and administered by RCD of Tehama County. NSVC is working region-wide to develop a regional priority plan, support capacity building, plan priority fire resiliency projects, implement demonstration projects of new and innovative techniques, and conduct outreach and education.​

Central Region​

​State Coastal Conservancy (SCC)


SCC is working with subgrantees to develop a regional priority plan to define fire resiliency priorities, conduct vegetation management and prescribed burn projects, and build capacity throughout the region.

Sierra-Cascade-Inyo Region​​

Sierra-Cascade-Inyo Region​​

Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC)


SNC is working to increase regional capacity to plan and implement projects that improve forest health and fire resiliency. ​

Southern Region

​Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF)

​​​​​The Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) is a non-profit, philanthropy-focused organization serving San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The IECF RFFC grant will support creating a Regional Priority Plan, assessing Riverside County's needs, and collaborating closely with Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD), an existing RFFC block grantee. IECF is building partnerships across the Inland Empire to expand upon IERCD's existing work, creating a coalition representative of the entire Inland Empire.  ​

​In​land Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD)​

The Inland Empire RCD RFFC grant is providing local leadership, developing a regional priority plan, developing local Fire Safe Council capacity, and implementing demonstration projects in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Irvine Ranch Conservancy (IRC)


The IRC RFFC grant supports development and implementation of regional fire resiliency and risk reduction strategies and priorities, regional collaboration and partnership within Orange County and coastal Southern California, creation of demonstration and pilot projects, and community engagement and outreach. IRC is working to advance the regional shared fire management and risk reduction agenda developed through the County of Orange Area Safety Taskforce (COAST).

Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County​

The RCD of Greater San Diego County (RCDGSC) is developing a Regional Priority Plan for San Diego County, promoting healthy forest practices through demonstration projects, developing a coordinated effort to reduce the Gold Spotted Oak Borer threat, providing fire management resources to local communities and partners, and developing a Community Wildfire Protection (CWPP) training course. 

San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC)

RMC is a state conservancy operating in the urban and undeveloped areas of Los Angeles County. The RMC RFFC grant will support creating a Regional Priority Plan that assesses climate stressors, including extreme heat and drought, and the increased wildfire risk these changes exacerbate. RMC is creating a landscape level assessment of needs and priorities to funnel investments toward the most impactful projects and high-need communities while protecting and restoring socioecological resilience. 

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC)

SMMC is working with the Mountains and Recreation and Conservation Authority and the Santa Monica Mountains Fire Safe Alliance to develop a Regional Priority Plan to identify fire resilience priorities for chaparral and forested ecosystems. Partners in the Fire Safe Alliance include state and county fire officials, state parks, and local stakeholders. 

Ignition Prevention – SMMC actively works across its lands to prevent roadside and other fire ignition. Funds from this program increase their capacity to prevent and identify ignitions.


Watershed Research and Training Center​​ (WRTC)​

WRTC's RFFC grant focuses on technical capacity building, peer networking to advance the dissemination of best practices, and coordination.

​​California Fire Safe Council (CFSC)​​​

CFSC’s grant focuses on providing technical assistance to existing local fire safe councils, helping start new fire safe councils, and providing resources for fire safe councils and their partners. ​

​​Additional Information

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Program Manager: Brian Newman-Lindsay
Program Specialist: Jenny DiStefano​

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