Working Lands and Riparian Corridors Program


The Department of Conservation's Solicitation Notice and A​pplication for: Riparian Corridor Restoration Grants is now available.  These grants provide funds specifically to resource conservation districts to restore or enhance riparian corridors on agricultural lands.  Agricultural landowners may be willing to integrate ecosystem projects and protections in their operations but may lack the capital and/or expertise to implement these practices.  The Department collaborates with resource conservation districts, landowners, and other stakeholders to plan and implement projects that support long-term sustainable management of riparian corridors on California's farms and ranches. 

The applicationis now available for download. Applications were due November 18, 2022.

Key Dat​es (subject to change)

  • 9/6/2022: Solicitation Notice and Application Released        ​
  • 10/4​/2022: Online Guidelines and Application workshop 
  • 11/18/2022: Applications due    
  • February 2023: Awards announced

Current Solicitation Information

Eligible applicants: California Resource Conservation Districts

Approximately $2.4 million is available for projects on agricultural land for: 

  • Restoration and enhancement planning projects for project design, permitting and CEQA and NEPA compliance
  • Protection of riparian corridors in perpetuity
  • Control and elimination of invasive species
  • Planting native species
  • Removing waste and debris
  • Prescribed burning
  • Fuel hazard reduction
  • Fencing out threats to existing or restored natural resources
  • Road elimination
  • Improving instream, riparian, or managed wetland habitat conditions
  • Other plant and wildlife habitat improvement to increase natural system value of the property
  • Modernizing stream crossings, culverts, and bridges
  • Reconnecting historical floodplains
  • Installing or improving fish screens
  • Providing fish passages
  • Restoring river channels
  • Restoring or enhancing riparian, aquatic, and terrestrial habitats
  • Improving ecological functions​

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Program Overvi ew 
The Working Lands and Riparian Corridors program provides grants to restore or enhance working lands and riparian corridors through restoration projects on agricultural lands.

Activities funded under this program must target agricultural lands and may include:

  • ​Planning grants
  • Implementation grants

Previous Awards

February 2022 - $4 million was awarded to fund watershed restoration planning and implementation projects on agricultural lands in San Luis Obispo, Contra Costa, Fresno, Kings, Lassen, Trinity, and Ventura counties. Each grant went to a locally focused Resource Conservation District (RCD). More information​

November 2020-- $2 million was awarded to fund watershed restoration and conservation projects on agricultural lands in Marin, Sonoma, Kings and Ventura counties. Each grant went to a locally focused Resource Conservation District (RCD). More information.​


For more information about Proposition 68 can be found on the California Natural Resources Agency website