Working Lands and Riparian Corridors Program

​Overview ​

The Working Lands and Riparian Corridors program provides grants to protect, restore, and enhance working lands and riparian corridors through conservation easements and restoration projects on agricultural lands.

Activities funded under this program must target agricultural lands and may include:

  • Project development
  • Land trust strategic planning
  • Local and regional planning
  • Conservation acquisitions
  • Sustainable management practices
  • Watershed restoration​

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2020 Ripari​an Corridor Restoration and Conservation Awardees

​​Resource Conservation District (RCD)​
​Sonoma RCD
​Sonoma Mountain Stormwater Management and Rainwater Storage 
​Marin RCD, co-applicant Point Blue Conservation Science
​Stemple Watershed Riparian Restoration at Lazy R Ranch 
​Tulare Lake RCD, co-applicant Kings River Conservation District
Kings River Conservation District Channel Improvement Project
​Ventura County RCD
​Enhancing Agricultural Resilience to Benefit Riparian and Wildlife Corridors

2020 Grant Solicitation Notice, Grant Application Materials 

$8,500,000 in bond funding is available to resource conservation districts through this solicitation for watershed restoration projects and conservation projects on agricultural lands. Eligible projects include riparian corridor, oak woodland, native grassland, and aspen forest restoration and enhancement on California's farm and ranch lands​​​. 

The solicitation defines “restoration and enhancement" to include: controlling and eliminating invasive species; planting native species; removing waste and debris, prescribed burning; fuel hazard reduction; fencing out threats to existing or restored natural resources; modernizing stream crossings, culverts, and bridges; reconnecting historical floodplains; installing or improving fish screens; providing fish passages; restoring river channels; restoring or enhancing riparian, aquatic, and terrestrial habitat; improving ecological functions; acquiring conservation easements for riparian buffer strips; improving forest health; restoring mountain meadows; and improving local watershed management.​

P​revious Awards​

In October 2019, the California Department of Conservation awarded $1.9 million in funding to 22 proposals to plan, develop, and implement climate adaptation and resilience projects throughout the state:

​​​Future Funding​

Proposition 68 bond funds are allocated annually through the California State Budget Act.  Solicitations will be developed as funds are appropriated. An additional $18 million will be made available in future years to fund other project types; DOC will have approximately $6.5 million available for additional grants in 2021. More information about Proposition 68 can be found on the California Natural Resources Agency website. ​