Watershed Restoration Projects: Spenceville Mine

The Watershed Restoration Project provides site specific landslide mapping, engineering geologic review, and analysis of geomorphic processes for various state agencies. One example, the Spenceville Mine Reclamation, is described below.

Spenceville Mine Reclamation

 Spenceville Mine with acidic water

Spenceville Mine pond, containing high levels of acidic water.
CGS staff assist the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) implementation of The Spenceville Mine Closure Plan. As part of this work CGS staff:
  • Act as Project Manager for technical aspects of DFG's Spenceville Mine Plan. Provide technical oversight on
    the cleanup.

  • Attend meetings with DFG staff, contractors, and regulatory agencies, providing geologic expertise and recommendations to aid DFG in decision making.

  • Attend public meetings with DFG staff, and be on call to discuss technical issues relating to mine closure.

  • Review periodic technical reports and documents prepared by the closure contractor to ensure all regulatory issues are met.

  • Conduct on-site field engineering geology of the closure work, including change of order, reporting, review of plans and design of stream restoration.

  • Provide other technical consultations to DFG on mine closure issues as required.

 Spenceville mine filled

Spenceville Mine being filled.