Focus on Farmland Newsletter

The California Farmland Conservancy Program (CFCP) continues to complete easement projects around California. The projects represent the range of California's premier crops and almost all are located on Prime agricultural soils. 

A total of 25 easements have been completed since January 2011. The USDA Farm and Ranchland Protection Program (formerly the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program) partnered with CFCP on many of the completed easements.   

San Joaquin Valley

Fresno County - 89 acres of tree fruit near Kingsburg.

Kern County - 571 acres of almonds near Wasco.  A celebration of this easement and its neighboring easement was held in February 2012.

Kings County - 153 acres of almonds and pistachios near Hanford

Merced County - 212 acres of almonds near the City of Merced, and 244 acres of sweet potatoes near Livingston.

San Joaquin County - 174 acres of walnut and cherry orchards near Stockton 
and 253 acres of walnuts near Lockford.

Stanislaus County - 151 acres of almonds and grapes near Modesto. 
A poster of the easements in Merced, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties is available. 

San Francisco Bay and Central Coast

Contra Costa County - 132 acres of vegetable crops near Brentwood. 

Marin County - Near the town of Tomales, two projects included more than 1,000 acres of coastal rangeland land, and a 440 acre ranch.

Monterey County - 103 acres of grapes near Greenfield 

Santa Barbara County - 395 acres of vegetables, nuts, and seed crops near Lompoc.

Santa Cruz County - 75 acres of apples near Watsonville.

Solano County - 595 acres of crop land near Winters.

Sacramento Valley, Northern California and Eastern Sierra

Butte County - 145 acres of orchards near Chico and 
96 acres of peaches near Gridley.

Mendocino County - A combined 209 acres of purchased and donated easements of farmland near Ukiah 

Mono County - 719 acres of pasture near Bridgeport.

Siskiyou County - More than 4,000 acres of alfalfa, pasture and grazing land near Etna. 

Sutter County - 189 acres of rice and waterfowl habitat near Lincoln
376 acres of walnuts and annual vegetables near the Sutter Buttes, and 161 acres of rice near Yuba City.

Tehama County - 530 acres of alfalfa, corn, and various other crops near Red Bluff.

Yolo County - 237 acres of walnuts and prunes near Winters 

The Focus on Farmland Newsletter

CFCP has suspended publication of our newsletter until further notice to allow program staff to focus on our core work of funding projects in cooperation with our conservation partners.  We will continue to post information on our recently completed projects on this page. 

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