FMMP and Agricultural Statistics

A number of different types of agricultural statistics are collected to determine the status of land or water resources, economic factors, or farming practices.  Questions often arise as to the differences in statistics between one source and another.  Following are brief comparisons of the most commonly cited statistics.   

Source Data Collection Cycle Data Collection Method GIS Data Available?

National Statistics

USDA National R​esources Inventory​ (NRI) 5 year cycle--moving to annual system
(newest national 2012, regional/CA data 1997)
photo/field interpretation of sample points no
USDA Censu​s of Agriculture 5 year cycle
(newest 2012)
mailed landowner survey no

California State Statistics

CDFA Agricultural Resource Directory annual county commissioner reports no
DWR Land Use Surveys
varies photo/field interpretation yes
DOC Farmland Mapping Program biennial
(2016 being released)
photo/field interpretation yes

Due to the definition of terms and data collection methods, statistics for irrigated land, urbanization, or other factors vary substantially.  Please contact us​​ if you are working with this data and have specific questions.