Funding Opportunity Updates


RCD Financial Assistance Program​

We received 12 applications for funding from RCDs throughout the state, requesting a total of $263,835. The $135,000 available was awarded to seven applicants.​

Forest Health Watershed Coordinator Program

Seventeen responsive applications were received, scored, and ranked. Eight proje​cts were selected for grant awards. 

Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program

The Natural Resources Agency ann​ounced​ $20 million in funding awards distributed to eight grant recipients.

Working Lands and Riparian Corridors Program

The Department of Conservation awarded $1.9 million in funding to 22 proposals to plan, develop, and implement climate adaptation and resilience projects throughout the state:

Sustainable Groundwater Management Watershed Coordinator Grant Program

The division is pleased to announce five awards totaling $1.7 million for watershed coordinators that will build broad coalitions of government, stakeholders, and communities to develop plans and projects to improve watershed health and meet California's groundwater sustainability goals. ​

Open Applications​