Completed CFCP Projects

CFCP funded easements on more than 58,000 acres* of the state's best agricultural land between 1996 and 2016.

This permanent conservation was accomplished at just under $2,990 per acre, with funds contributed by CFCP, federal, state, and local partners; as well as donations from landowners. These partnerships are helping to implement the conservation planning goals of California communities. CFCP's share of the total is just over $1,460 per acre.

Additionally, 39 planning grants have enabled California Land Trusts to begin or expand their work into agricultural conservation. An average of just over $48,000 in CFCP funds was matched by another $24,000 per project.  This work continues to pay dividends as Land Trusts gain experience in stewarding agricultural conservation easements.

Lists of cumulative, completed* easement​ and planning/technical ass​​istance grants are available (XLS).
* Completed easements includes those projects that have closed escrow, completed reporting requirements, and have had all final associated costs paid.

map depicting easements funded in each county​ (PDF) is also available.

Additional information on the projects CFCP has funded can be found on our Fo​​cus on Fa​rmland page.

Bond Funded Proj​​ects -- Proposition 40

The California Farmland Conservancy Program (CFCP) has thusfar completed 35 agricultural conservation easement projects and 10 planning grants with Proposition 40 bond funding. This report, which provides brief summaries, pictures and maps of each completed project, was updated in November 2010 and will be revised periodically as additional projects are completed.

Bond Fund​​ed Projects -- Proposition 12

For information about the 39 agricultural easements and eight planning grant projects completed by CFCP using Proposition 12 funding, download the report below. The report features a statistical summary, maps, and photos of individual easement projects.