CFCP Completed Projects

​​California Farmland Conservancy Program (​​CFCP) funded easements on more than 59,000 acres of the state's best agricultural land between 1996 and 2016.

This permanent conservation was accomplished at just under $2,990 per acre, with funds contributed by CFCP, federal, state, and local partners; as well as donations from landowners. These partnerships are helping to implement the conservation planning goals of California communities. CFCP's share of the total is just over $1,460 per acre.

Additionally, 39 planning grants have enabled California land trusts to begin or expand their work into agricultural conservation. An average of just over $48,000 in CFCP funds was matched by another $24,000 per project.  This work continues to pay dividends as land trusts gain experience in stewarding agricultural conservation easements.

Lists of completed easement​ and plannin​g/technical ass​​istance grants are available upon request. A map depicting easements funded in each county​ is also available upon request. Please contact CFCP program staff for assistance.​

Bond Funded Proj​​ects -- Proposition 40

CFCP has thus far completed thirty-five agricultural conservation easement projects and ten planning grants with Proposition 40 bond funding. A report which provides brief summaries, pictures, and maps of each completed project is available upon request.

Bond Fund​​ed Projects -- Proposition 12

CFCP completed thirty-nine agricultural easements and eight planning grant projects with Proposition 12 funding. A report which features a statistical summary, maps, and photos of individual easement projects is available upon request.

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