SALC Project Highlights (Acquisitions)

Cows in a large green field with mountains in the background


​Noel Ranch, Shasta County - Shasta Land Trust (Round 6) - 310 acres protected - Estimated GHG avoided: 29,708 metric tons
Noel Ranch contains 80 acres of wetlands and two miles of Fall River frontage providing critical habitat for migrating birds and aquatic species. The flooded fields necessary for rice production provide essential habitat for migratory birds on their route along the Pacific Flyway. Wintering migratory species including sandhill cranes, mallards, widgeons, gadwalls, and geese, all utilize the fields for habitat and forage. ​

​Dixon Ridge Farms, Solano County -  Solano Land Trust (Round 5) - 913 acres protected - Estimated GHG avoided: 32,020 metric tons

Dixon Ridge Farm is comprised of 100 % prime far​mland soils currently farmed in walnuts and row crops. The walnut orchard​ is certified organic and their farm management plan creates a carbon neutral footprint and supports water conservation and soil health benefits​ ​.

A hill covered with yellow flowers with another tree-covered hill in the background
Jalama Cañon Ranch, Santa Barbara County - Land Trust of Santa Barbara (Round 5) - 999 ​acres protected - Estimated GHG avoided: 84,471 metric tons
​Jalama will model regenerative agriculture at scale in a financially viable way; serve as a center for education, training, and scientific research; and demonstrate pathways for the rapid and broad adoption of regenerative agriculture locally, regionally and globally. White Buffalo will offer technical training and apprenticeship programs for current and aspiring farmers and ranchers. ​​
Brazelton family at their farmstand with baskets of fruit.
Brazelton Ranch, Solano County - Solano Land Trust (Round 4) - 2204 acres protected - Estimated GHG avoided: 163,258 metric tons​

Brazelt​on Ranch provides sweeping, picturesque views to the west of Vacaville, a Northern California city historically known for farming. Vacaville’s substantial growth – from a population of nearly 11,000 in 1960 to over 100,000 in 2019 – has resulted in the loss of prime farmland to development. ​​But now, this expansive, family-owned ranch will remain part of California’s agricultural landscape long into the future.​​​

Dairy farm in the foreground and rolling greass covered hills in the background
Marshall Ranch, Humboldt County - California Rangeland Trust (Round 3) - 2942 acres protected - Estimated GHG avoided: 301,287 metric tons
The Marshall Ranch conservation easement project, funded in part by SGC’s SALC Program, resulted from a collaborative effort by California’s Departments of Fish & Wildlife, Forestry and Fire Protection, and Conservation. The three State departments integrated program goals and policies to protect the property in perpetuity allowing the landowner to continue their ranching operation. ​​
Farm fence and gate in foreground green pasture and trees in the background​​
Robinson Ranch, Nevada County - Bear Yuba Land Trusty (Round 3​​)
1558 acres protected - Estimated GHG Reductions: 1,194,350 metric tons
The 3,070-acre Robinson Ranch is one of the original pioneer ranches in Nevada County and has been operated by the Robinson family for seven generations. It is also one of the largest remaining ranches in Nevada County. The ranch, which is nestled between Penn Valley to the east and developed areas to the north and west, provides a buffer between development and the 11,800-acre Spenceville Wildlife Recreation Area.
Rows of crops in the foreground and Mt Diablo in the background
Cecchini Farm, Contra Costa County - Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust
(Round 2) -  ​​​
551 acres protected - Estimated GHG reductions: 962 metric tons
This property is the first phase in a two phase project to protect 1,100 acres of farmland adjacent to Discovery Bay. Fifth generation family farmers grow organic produce such as asparagus, and the owners also run a non-profit that includes a farm incubator program to train new farmers, an afterschool program, and a farm program for special education students. The non-profit community farm has donated more than 60,000 lbs. of organic produce to local food banks.​

Ullman Ranch, Mono County - Eastern Sierra Land Trust  (Round 2)
1424 acres protected - Estimated GHG avoided: 923,047 metric tons
The 1,424-acre Ullman Ranch is located west of Bridgeport in Mono County and is being conserved for water, wildlife, and sustainable cattle ranching with support from a SALC grant. Through a collaborative effort, local rancher George “Corky” Ullman and the Eastern Sierra Land Trust secured federal, State, and local funding needed to complete the project.
Grass and tree covered rolling green hills with trees.
Gallagher Ranch, Marin County - Marin Agricultural Land Trust (Round ​1)
300 Acres Protected- Estimated GHG Reductions: 962 metric tons
In addition to protecting the rangeland... this easement will also protect part of the Lagunitas Creek which is a critical spawning area for the Coho salmon, steelhead trout, and other aquatic life. Surrounded by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and MALT protected Black Mountain Ranch, Gallagher Ranch joins a continuously protected landscape.