Sustainable Communities Planning Grants and Incentives- Best Practices Pilot Program

Division 43 of Public Resources Code, Chapter 9, Sustainable Communities and Climate Change Reduction Section 75065(a), authorized the Legislature to appropriate $90 million for planning grants and planning incentives that achieve sustainability objectives. SB 732 (Chapter 13, Statutes of 2008) established the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and added California Government Code Sections 75127 and 75128, which direct the SGC to manage and award financial assistance to support the planning and development of sustainable communities that achieve sustainability objectives.

 On behalf of the SGC, the Department of Conservation administered the Sustainable Communities Planning Grants & Incentives Program (SCPGIP) in three rounds of competitive grants to cities, counties, and designated regional agencies, with the principal goal of funding the development and implementation of plans that lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in a manner consistent with the State Planning Priorities and AB 32 (California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006). The grant program was designed to help local governments meet the challenges of adopting land use plans and integrating strategies to transform communities and create long-term prosperity.

The Best Practices Pilot Program is intended to build on SCPGIP as a framework for ongoing state support of local land use planning related to climate and the State's statutory planning priorities. These grants support the development and/or implementation of a specific portion of a land use plan, land protection or management practice, or development project that targets sustainable development and the State's climate policies with the express intent of 1) implementation of that project or plan; and 2) identification of a best practice and creation of a case study to share amongst land use planning and policy peers.