FMMP Survey Area

Extent of Mapping in 2016

Coverage includes 49.1 million acres, 98% of the state's private lands, and is based on the extent of USDA-NRCS soil surveys.  Most large government land holdings, including National Parks, Forests, and BLM land, are not included in FMMP's survey area. 

Mendocino County is the most recent addition to the survey area, with work made possible due to a temporary funding augmentation from the Water Bond of 2000 (Proposition 13). Expanded mapping also occurred in Modoc County (Intermountain Area), San Luis Obispo County (Carrizo Plain) and Stanislaus County (Northern Part).    

Click on the image below for a detailed 8.5 x 11 PDF map of FMMP's survey area (2.3 MB) or contact FMMP​ at for printed maps. 


detailed map of FMMP survey area​​​​