San Luis Obispo County

​Important Farmland Data Availability

General Information:​


​​​Prime and Statewide Soil List (PDF)

Farmland of Local Importance (PDF)

Farmland Conversion Reports

Historic Land Use Conversion:

1984 - Present (XLSX)

County Information:

Land Use Conversion Table

Alternate Accessibility Land Use Conversion Table

Important Farmland Maps as PDF

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GIS Data: Map and Feature Services for viewing and downloading Important Farmland data directly in ArcGIS systems.​​​

GIS Shapefiles and Geodatabase​: Downloadable Important Farmland GIS data in the form of ESRI Shapefiles and File Geodatabase, zipped by update year, from 1984 to the 2020 update currently in progress.

California Important Farmland Finder (CIFF): An interactive version of the Important Farmland map data.  Locate your area of interest, calculate acreage, and other useful features, using this online tool.​

Important Farmland Time Series: An online tool to view the Important Farmland map data as a time series, from 1984 to the present.​​​

Note: Base year of mapping for most counties is 1984. Counties which were added at a later date are: Butte (1988), Calaveras (2018), Colusa (1986), Kern (1988), Lake (1996), Mendocino (2006), Sacramento (1988), San Joaquin (1990), Siskiyou (1986), Sutter (1988), Tulare (1986), Tuolumne (2018), and Yuba (1988). For older data, please email FMMP for assistance.​

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