Right to Farm Disclosure

Legislation effective January 1, 2009 requires that as a part of real estate transactions, land sellers and agents must disclose whether the property is located within one mile of farmland as designated on the most recent Important Farmland Map. Any of the five agricultural categories on the map qualifies for disclosure purposes, including Prime Farmland, Farmland of Statewide Importance, Unique Farmland, Farmland of Local Importance, and Grazing Land.  Detailed definitions of these categories are available. 

New counties are released each month, so please check back regularly for updates.  See the survey area map for coverage-- 96% of non-government lands are included.   

There are four ways to access the information:

Additional note regarding map categories

In some counties, components of Farmland of Local Importance are shown separately, specifically Confined Animal Agriculture facilities.  Please refer to this spreadsheet for status of each county regarding Confined Animal Agriculture

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Text of the legislation, Assembly Bill 2881