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Williamson Act Status Reports

Williamson Act Status Reports are mandated by Government Code Section 51207. The purpose of the reports is to provide information to the Legislature and general public on the implementation of the Act by counties and cities. The reports are produced in even numbered years and contain detailed enrollment statistics for the previous two years.

Status ReportYears ReportedAvailability - PDF Format
​2014 & ​2015​​Available (2.67 MB)​

FMMP Farmland Conversion Reports

Farmland Conversion Reports are FMMP's primary summary documents associated with each map update.  Statewide, regional and county land use conversion information covers two-year periods.  Summary and Analysis includes comparisons to prior two-year periods. 

Report Year

Acres Compared (in Millions)

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Complete Report (6.1 MB PDF)

RCD Assistance Program Publications

The Department of Conservation provides assistance to California’s Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) in their mission to develop a land stewardship ethic that promotes long-term sustainability of the state’s rich and diverse natural resource heritage. This support includes  information and technical support through publications.

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​RCD Director's Guidebook
​​2015 RCD Director's Handbook