Abandoned Mine Lands Unit


AMLU is a team of geologists, scientists, and GIS professionals who maintain a statewide database of abandoned mines and work to remediate public safety and environmental hazards posed by these mines. 

We accomplish remediation projects by working with local, state, and federal partners.

Fact Sheets


To report an abandoned mine, call DMR on our toll-free hotline at 1-877-OLD-MINE (1-877-6​53-6463) or email us at DMR@conservation.ca.gov. Include the location (e.g., GPS point with latitude and longitude, name of nearest road, etc.) and description of the mine site or feature. Remember: Stay Out – Stay Alive!

In an emergency situation, call 911 or contact your local sheriff's office.

If someone is injured due to a fall or is trapped in an abandoned mine, do not try to rescue the victim yourself. Rescue attempts should only be made by professionals with proper training and equipment to avoid further injury to the victim or yourself.


​Additional Abandoned Mine Resources​