Geologic Energy Management Excel Tools Help Part 2

Excel Tools are not working, what should I do?

When you open the Data Reduction Excel file, and it seems to be doing nothing, or you when you click on button, they do not do anything, it probably it is a minor hitch that can be easily corrected by you.

When you opened this file, if a message came "...Select...Enable or Disable..." and if you selected "Disable" than our program can not run. Close the file, and open it again, and if you get that message select "Enable".

If you do not get that message; due to recent virus concern many people have their macros turned off. If that is the case, this program cannot run. Please follow these instructions once to correct it.

To change macro settings in Excel go to Tools/Macro/Security and select the Security Level to Medium.
Close Excel and Reopen. You must close and reopen for these changes to take effect. (Caution: Do not select security level to low as that will be an open door invitation to any viruses!).

Re-open the file Data Reduction Tools file. If you select the medium security level, every time you open this or another file with programming, it will ask if you want to enable or disable macro, you must select "Enable Macros". Of course never select "Enable" for a file, that you are not 100% sure about.

If you still have problem, send an e-mail to Ali Khan,