Water Use Dictionary, Data, Reports

​​To help the public understand how water is produced and used in California oil fields, the Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM, formerly DOGGR) has provided a water data dictionary, links to its water data files, and a use summary report for each quarter beginning with 2015 (see below).

Each downloadable file corresponds to a spreadsheet form oil field operators use to report quarterly water production, water injection, well volume allocation, and stored and non-injected water. Each file can be imported into Microsoft Excel, Access, or any database capable of handling text files. To maintain proper data format, the files should be imported as comma-separated values (CSV), and the data fields should be set to text. 

The data is posted as received from operators. The files do not include information held as confidential under Public Resources Code Section 3234.

The data files are categorized as follows:

  • Quarterly Water Production, 110Q.csv and 110Q.txt  (Form 110Q) 
  • Quarterly Water Injection, 110BQ.csv and 110BQ.txt  (Form 110BQ) 
  • Quarterly Other Water Allocation, 110FQ.csv and 110FQ.txt  (Form 110FQ)

Usage Reports and Data Files