Geologic Energy Management Division Renewal Plan: A New Era of Oil and Gas Regulation

​​​​​​Renewal Plan for Oil and Gas Regulation (2017 update) 

image link to the 2017 renewal plan PDF documentThe initial version of the Renewal Plan provided the roadmap for necessary reforms to the Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM, formerly DOGGR) to make it a modern oil and gas regulator. This 2017 update to the Renewal Plan demonstrates the progress CalGEM has made to develop an effective regulatory program over the past year, and highlights the next steps in CalGEM's ongoing commitment to reforms that will ensure environmental protection and public safety​​ in the oil and gas fields of California.

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Renewal Plan for Oil and Gas Regulation (2015 version) 

Image link to 2015 original Renewal Plan PDF documentThe Department of Conservation's CalGEM​ (formerly DOGGR) Renewal Plan is an ongoing, four-year framework to correct past problems and to create a regulatory program for oil and gas production that ensures the environment and public health are protected. Issued in October, 2015, the Renewal Plan builds on major reforms already underway at Conservation​ to build a modern, efficient, collaborative and science-driven regulatory agency.


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