Regional Issues

  • ​Oil Field Surface Expressions (Kern County)

Regulations approved in 2019 prohibit surface expressions in California oil fields. The Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM, formerly DOGGR)​ has issued Notices of Violation and Orders to operators in Kern County to remediate several surface expressions and pay fines... Read more about Kern County oil field surface expressions.

  • Cat Canyon Aquifer Exemption

State officials are assessing a proposal to expand the aquifer exemption in the Cat Canyon oil field. An expansion would ensure that continued oil production protects groundwater that may be suitable for drinking or agricultural use. A public meeting was held in Santa Maria on June 5. The public comment period is closed. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • AllenCo Oil Production Facility (Los Angeles)

The Acting State Oil and Gas Supervisor has issued an Order to operator AllenCo Energy, Inc. (AllenCo) to submit a plan to depressurize its wells, repair all well and facility leaks, and test each well at its facility in South Central Los Angeles. AllenCo has been seeking approval to restart production after shutting down in late 2013 for uncontrolled emissions and violations of multiple State statutes and regulations... Read more about AllenCo's St. James Lease facility.

  • Aliso Canyon Storage Facility

On July 19, 2017 the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Department of Conservation, Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM, formerly DOGGR) announced that the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in Los Angeles County could reopen at greatly reduced capacity... Read more about the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility.

  • DOW R.G.C. 10 ("Marina del Rey") Well Remediation

The DOW R.G.C. 10 well in Marina Del Rey is now permanently sealed following a blowout on January 11, 2019... Read more about the Marina del Rey well blowout and response​.