SMARA Administration Units

Environmental Unit

In conjunction with geologists, staff review and provide comments on reclamation plans and plan amendments and review environmental documents prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act when appropriate.  Field investigations of existing and proposed mine sites may also be conducted to evaluate the practicality of proposed reclamation.  Enforcement action support provided when appropriate.  Public SMARA workshops and technical training seminars are also held to support best mine reclamation practices and to share information.

Engineering and Geology Unit

Geologists review and provide written comments on reclamation plans, financial assurance cost estimate submittals and inspection reports.  Staff perform mine inspections for closure and compliance purposes, prepare and present appeals and enforcement cases, and offers technical assistance via workshops to lead agencies.

Reporting Unit

Analysts develop and maintain mining operations' data and document processing systems, producing standardized compliance policies and procedures to ensure uniform and effective enforcement of SMARA statutes and regulations. The Reporting Unit also analyzes annual mining operator reports for compliance and collects mine fees to cover program costs.  In addition, analysts in this unit work in conjunction with other units in the Division of Mine Reclamation to offer training via workshops to lead agencies.