Mine Reclamation Financial Assurance Resources

Below are links to websites that may be helpful for calculating reclamation costs or in obtaining financial assistance:

California Department of Transportation – Labor Surcharge & Equipment Rental Rate Book 

California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Statistics and Research (general prevailing wage determinations) 

California Department of Insurance – List of Fidelity and Surety Companies

U.S. Treasury Department – Circular 570

The Surety Association of America

Other useful references:

The Cost Estimating Guide for Road Construction, 2003, Regions 2, 3, and 4 Offices, USDA Forest Service
This publication contains information on road obliteration, earth moving, equipment rental, and wage rates. It is important to remember that equipment rental and wage rates vary, both geographically and with time. In determining labor rates and heavy equipment costs, local rates or rates prevailing in the area of the nearest source should be used. 

The Cost Reference Guide for Construction Equipment, 1988, The Equipment Guide Book Company (commonly referred to as "The Blue Book")  
This lists guidelines for calculating equipment performance and costs per unit of material removed.

The Mine Cost Service, 1989, Western Mine Engineering, P. O. Box 9008, Spokane, WA 99209
This publication lists prices and costs for labor, equipment, supplies, transportation, etc. Most Regional Office Mineral Staffs and Mineral Examiners have updated copies and are available to assist in providing helpful information and data for mineral operation costs.

The Mineral Industry Costs, 1977 & 1981, Northwest Mining Association, 10 North Post Street, Suite 414, Spokane WA 99201
These publications provide data on Time, Risk Factors, Costs, Assessing Costs, and Estimating Various Project Costs. The costs are in 1980 dollars and an adjustment of 1980 dollars to current dollars must be made. Most Mining Engineers and Geologists can supply the factor needed to make the conversion.

Means Heavy Construction Cost Data, 6th Annual Edition, 16th Annual Edition, 2002, R.S. Means Company, Inc., Construction Consultants and Publisher, Construction Plaza, 63 Smiths Lane, Kingston, MA 02364-0800. Telephone (617) 585-7880
The manual provides current equipment and labor rates for a variety of heavy construction activities. This manual is difficult for the beginning estimator to use; however, through practice and familiarity, most tasks can be estimated with a reasonable expectation of accuracy. If questions arise concerning the location or application of certain construction activities, the estimating department will assist with questions by telephone.

Handbook for Calculation of Reclamation Bond Amounts, Revised April 2000, United States Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, 1951 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, D. C., 20240
This handbook provides an array of examples for estimating common mining reclamation activities. The publication is not recommended for use by the beginning estimator. Proper application of the concepts illustrated requires advanced estimating and technical skills.

Caterpillar Performance Handbook, Edition 32, October 2001, Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL
This handbook lists the equipment specifications and production capabilities of all Caterpillar equipment. It is particularly useful for identifying equipment capabilities, various modifications and production rates.

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