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Annual Reports

Mining Operation Annual Reports (Annual Reports) form MRRC-2, are required from all mines subject to SMARA.  Regardless of the status of your mining operation, an Annual Report and payment for the applicable reporting fees must be submitted on an annual basis until reclamation is certified complete by both your lead agency and DMR.  In order for an Annual Report to be considered complete and timely, all information requested on the form must be submitted along with payment for the reporting fee.  A copy of the Annual Report must be filed with the respective lead agency by July 1 annually.  For your convenience, DMR posts the updated Annual Report forms online during May of each year. 

2018 Forms  

2018 Annual Report Instructions (PDF)
2018 Fee Schedule (PDF)
2018 Annual Report Form (PDF)
2018 Low Gross Exemption Fee Request Form (PDF)
2018 Multiple Site Single Fee Request Form (PDF)

Online Annual Reporting System

The Mining Operation Annual Report(s) (Annual Report), form MRRC-2; are available for all mine operators.  In addition, DMR also accepts electronic payments in the form of an electronic check using the Online Payment System.  Annual Reports that are submitted online require a  login code.  The login code(s) are mailed out to all mine operators and designated agents starting in May each year.  If you do not receive a letter with your login code, you are still responsible to file your Annual Report and pay the associated reporting fee by the July deadline using the appropriate form listed above.

Please note:  User codes cannot be provided over the telephone.  If you wish to participate in the Online Annual Reporting System, but have not received your login code by mid-May, please call this office at (916) 323-9198.

Whether you chose to file your Annual Report online or through the United States Postal Service, you are responsible to file the Annual Report and pay the associated reporting fee by July 1, 2019.  

To access the Online Annual Reporting System, please visit the link below:

Online Annual Reporting System

To make an online payment* at any time during the year, please visit the link below:

Online Payment System

*The link above will redirect you to the First Data website. By clicking on the link above, you are agreeing to the following terms.

Please contact Roger Le-Hinds at (916) 323-9198 with questions regarding the Online Annual Reporting System. 

Database Information Requests

DMR maintains a database of information submitted annually by mine operators in the State.  Because this office derives this information from individual operators, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Our Mines Online map is refreshed nightly from this database and provides downloads of selected data.

If the Mines Online map does not provide the information that you are looking for please fill out and submit a Public Records Act form and e-mail it to: DMR@conservation.ca.gov

Public Records Act Request form (PDF)

Financial Assurance Cost Estimates

Senate Bill 1142 (Gray) amended Public Resources Code section 2773.1 requiring all mine operators to submit their financial assurance cost estimate to their respective lead agency for review on a form approved by the State Mining and Geology Board.  The Office of Administrative Law approved the proposed Financial Assurance Cost Estimate form (FACE-1) on April 13, 2017 with an effective date of July 1, 2017. 

DMR is pleased to announce the new FACE-1 form is now available for use.  Effective immediately, all financial assurance cost estimates must be submitted using the new FACE-1 form.

Financial Assurance Cost Estimate form Instructions (PDF)
Financial Assurance Cost Estimate form (PDF)
Financial Assurance Cost Estimate form (MS Excel) 

Financial Assurance Mechanism Forms 

​Irrevocable Letter of Credit Form (PDF)
Certificate of Deposit​ Form​​ (PDF)

Surety Bond Forms
General Purpose Rider (PDF)
Sole Proprietor​​ (PDF)
Partnership​ (PDF)
Corporation​ (PDF)
Increase/Decrease Rider​​​ (PDF)


Pursuant to PRC § 2774(b), a Lead Agency must inspect each surface mining operation subject to the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act within its jurisdiction at least once every twelve months.  Upon cessation of surface mining operations, mined lands shall be inspected by the Lead Agency to verify reclamation prior to the full release of financial assurances.  Inspections are no longer required after the mined lands have been deemed reclaimed by the Lead Agency and the Division of Mine Reclamation (DMR) in accordance with the approved reclamation plan, or remediated pursuant to PRC § 2773.1(b)(2)(C). 

Inspections must be documented using a form developed by the Department of Conservation and approved by the State Mining and Geology Board.  

In addition, DMR has developed a convenient Notice of Completion of Inspection Form that Lead Agencies may use to submit to DMR along with the Inspection Report Form.  This form meets the content requirements of the Notice of Completion of Inspection that are outlined in PRC § 2774(b).  

New Mining Operation Report

New Mining Reports are required from all new mines subject to SMARA along with the initial fee of $500. 

New Mining Operation Report form (PDF)

Reclamation Plan Checklist

DMR has developed a convenient checklist for its staff that is used in the review of reclamation plan requirements under SMARA and the California Code of Regulations.  This checklist may assist operators and lead agencies when preparing and reviewing draft proposed reclamation plans and reclamation plan amendments in determining if they meet the minimum content requirements of SMARA and associated regulations.  It may also be helpful in fulfilling the new (as of January 2017) requirement that reclamation plans include a chart identifying the location of required contents as per SMARA section 2772(b).

Reclamation Plan Checklist (PDF)
Reclamation Plan Checklist (MS Word)

*Please report any problems with these electronic forms to: DMRWebmaster@conservation.ca.gov