Meet Our Leadership Team

​​​​​​​​​​ DO​​C Director​

David Shabazian


​Dep​​​uty Director

Gabe Tiffany

​​​Chief ​Dep​​​uty Director

Assistant Director, Administration Office

Clayton Haas

Assistant Director
Administration Office


Doug Ito

State Oil and Gas Supervisor
Geologic Energy Management Division

Chief Counsel

Jeremy Lancaster

State Geologist
California Geological Survey

Assistant Director, Division Land Resource Protection

Keali'i Bright

Assistant Director
Division of Land Resources



Assistant Director
Division Mine Reclamation​​

Chief Counsel Lisa Halko

Lisa Halko

Chief Counsel

Chief Information Officer Wendy Weaver

Wendy Weaver

Chief Information Officer​
Enterprise Service Technology Division​

Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Communication Jacob Roper

Jacob Roper

Assistant Director
Public Affairs and Communications​

Chief Outreach and Engagement Advisor Sarah Rubin​​

Sarah Rubin

Chief Outreach and Engagement Advisor

Chief Science and Data Adviso​r

​Nathaniel​ Roth

​​Chief Science and Data Advisor 

Natural and Working Lands Policy Advisor

​Elizabeth Betancourt

Natural and Working Lands Policy Advisor​


Katherine Litzk​y

Assistant Director
Office of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs​