Clayton Haas

Clayton Haas was named Assistant Director of DOC's Division of Administration in 2013. Previously, he served as Assistant Chief, Manufactured Housing, at the Department of Housing and Community Development, where he oversaw the State’s Manufactured Housing Program.

Haas started his state career in 2000 at the DOC as an auditor in the Division of Recycling. He spent three years auditing recycling centers, running the Predatory Pricing Program, and helping to re-institute the Recycler Training Program. He traveled throughout the state training recyclers how to legally operate their recycling centers. Haas then spent four years in the DOC Legislative Office, including one as the acting legislative director. Haas left the DOC to become a program manager in the Division of Codes and Standards at the Department of Housing and Community Development. After one year as a manager, he was appointed to the position of Assistant Chief, Manufactured Housing.

Haas graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a degree in government. He is a licensed competitive soccer coach and coached his daughter until she was 18. Haas and his wife reside in Elk Grove.