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​Interactive Maps and Data

  • Ma​p Data Viewe​r
    Very versatile and popular! ​Map layers include the Earthquake Shaki​ng Potential​, Tsunami Inundation Zones, and ​[m​ore . . .]​​​
    • California Landslide Inventory​​​
    • Deep-Seated La​ndslide​ Susceptibility (C​GS Map Sheet 58)
    • ​Earthquake Shaki​ng Potential (CGS Map Sheet 48)
    • Earthquake Shear-wave Velocity in Upper 30m of Surfici​al Geology (Vs30)
    • Earthquakes of California (magnitude 5+)​​, 1769 to 2015
    • Fault ​Activity​​
    • Fault-based seismic sources use​d in the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, Version 3 (UCERF3)
    • General Geology
    • Indoor Radon Po​tential
    • Seismic Hazard Zones, i.e. ​Alquist-Priolo Fault Hazard Zones, Landslide Zones, Liquefaction Zones
    • Tsunami Inundation Zones
    • City and County Boundaries
    • Twelve base-layer options, including Imagery, Streets, Terrain, Topographic, and more
    • An "Add Data" feature allows you to add layers from other sources

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