Contact the State Mining and Geology Board

Members of the public may send information for distribution to SMGB members care of the SMGB office in Sacramento, with a request that the material be transmitted to the entire SMGB or forwarded to a particular SMGB member.

Mailing Address:
801 K Street, MS 20-15
Sacramento, CA 95814


​Street Address:
We are located in the Renaissance Tower in downtown Sacramento at the corner of 8th and K Streets, in Suite 2015. 
There is commercial parking attached to the building - enter on 8th Street just past K Street.​

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday (except State Holidays)


Jeffrey Schmidt, Executive Officer
​Amy Scott, Executive Assistant
Will Arcand, Senior Engineering Geologist
Jocelyn Fernandez, Office Technician     

Board Members:

Sandra Potter, Chair      Local Government
Stephanie Landregan, Vice Chair  Landscape Architect
Brian Anderson  Mineral Resources​ 
​Janet Kappmeyer​  Registered Geologist​
​​George Kenline  Mining Engineer
Negar Noushkam
Zia Zafir  Geology/Seismology   ​
Larry Sheingold  Public Member ​​
Pablo Garza
  Environmental Protection ​​
Contacting SMGB members: 

Members of the public may also contact SMGB members directly concerning SMGB matters. ​However, for certain matters within the SMGB's jurisdiction, SMGB members are required to disclose to the public and to the entire SMGB any communication they have regarding the matter, including the substance of their communication about the matter.  The matters for which SMGB members must disclose their individual communications are referred to as “ex parte communications” in Public Resources Code section 663.1 and in case law regarding adjudicatory and quasi-judicial proceedings conducted by public agencies.   The SMGB matters that are subject to the ex parte communication disclosure requirements are: (1) SMGB action on a reclamation plan or financial assurance appealed to the SMGB pursuant to Public Resources Code section 2770(e); (2) review of orders setting administrative penalties pursuant to Public Resources Code section 2774.2; (3) review of appeals pursuant to Public Resources Code section 2775 that concern permits for surface mining operations in areas of regional or statewide significance; and (4) any other adjudicatory or quasi-judicial proceedings conducted by the SMGB.  Legislative and policy matters considered by the SMGB are not subject to ex parte disclosure requirements.         


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