Low Gross Exemption Appeals

​A single surface mine operator or mining company, may, for the calendar reporting year, file with the Division of Mine Reclamation (DMR), a written request for an exemption from the method of fee assessment set forth in California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 3698.  The request for an exemption must be filed on a Low Gross Exemption Fee Request Form​ (MRRC-4L).  Pursuant to CCR Section 3699, should the DMR deny the exemption request, the operator of a surface mine may appeal that determination to the State Mining & Geology Board (Board). The appeal must be submitted in writing within fifteen (15) days of the denial of the Low Gross Exemption by the D​MR.  In requesting an appeal from the Board, the operator must also provide:

1)  Demonstration that the exemption request was complete and filed in a timely fashion;
2)  Specifically relate to the exemption criteria outlined in CCR Section 3699; and
3)  Specify the appellant's arguments for granting the exemption.