New Document Submittal Policy

At its June 10, 2010, Regular Business Meeting, the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) adopted a new document submittal policy (see below).  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at (916) 322-1082.  Thank you!


The SMGB requires that all lengthy comments be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting date where this matter is to be decided.  To ensure that the SMGB has the opportunity to fully preview written material, comments should be received in the SMGB office located at 801 K Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814, no later than 5:00 P.M., 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting date, and must identify the Agenda Item to which it relates.  For written materials in excess of two pages, or that contains large maps, photos, foldouts, or other documents requiring special handling, please submit 15 copies.  The SMGB will not reproduce these types of documents.  Comments on Agenda Items will be accepted by electronic mail, and are subject to the same conditions set forth for other written submissions.

New submittals received after 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting date will be marked as late, and the SMGB will decide whether new submittals will be considered or not during the public hearing.  Late submittals, received by the SMGB at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting, will be included in a late document submittal listing.  Late submittals, received after 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting, will not be included on the late document submittal list.  The SMGB would accept a two-page written summary of testimony, or final comments based on, and limited to, review of the SMGB’s packet and/or Executive Officer’s report, at the time of the public hearing.  Such two-page summaries would be included as part of the administrative record before the SMGB.  This policy does not apply to quasijudicial proceedings (i.e., appeals, petitions, etc.) where administrative procedures for the submittal of documents are set forth in statute and regulation.

Individuals are responsible for presenting their own projects at the meeting.