The SMGB administers certain lead agency responsibilities and obligations pursuant to SMARA (Public Resources Code Section 2710 et seq.) for Yuba County, and conducted a vested rights determination (CCR Section 3950 et seq.) for the surface mining operation known as Western Aggregates, Inc. (California Mine Identification No. 91-58-0001), located in Yuba County.  On September 11, 2009, the SMGB granted a vested right to mine aggregate for all sections, with the exception of Sections 25, 30, and the southwest corner of Section 34.   Notice is hereby given that, on March 11, 2010, the SMGB formally adopted it's determination, without limitations.


April 2010 --


January 2009 --
Amended Notice of Pending Determination  

May 2009 --
Further Notice of Pending Determination

August 2009 --
Further Notice of Pending Determination