Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA, Articles 1-7)  (you will be leaving the SMGB site)
Public Resources Code, Division 2, Chapter 9, § 2710 et. seq.

Financial Assurance Guidelines​ and Appe​ndices​​
Revised 07/04, this guideline addresses the steps in preparing financial assurances pursuant to Public Resources C​ode § 2773.1.

Model SMARA Ordinance
Adopted 5/9/96, this guideline is intended to assist lead agencies in developing and revision of their local SMARA ordinance (PRC § 2774).

MRMP Checklist All SMARA lead agencies containing classified or designated mineral  lands within their jurisdictions must prepare Mineral Resources Management Policies (MRMP) which must also be recognized by the SMGB.  Should a SMARA lead agency have surface mining operations, and/or classified or designated mineral lands, within their jurisdiction, these lead agencies comprise the MRMP lead agencies.  In the review of MRMP for recognition consideration by the SMGB, a review checklist has been developed.  Although developed as a tool for SMGB and staff to assist in review of MRMP for recognition consideration, lead agencies may also wish to use such checklist as a tool and resource in developing or updating or development their respective MRMP.

Annual Surface Mine Inspection Guidelines and Inspection Report Form MRRC-1
Developed in 2002, and revised 4/10/14, in cooperation with the Department of Conservation, this guideline is intended to assist  the Board and the Department carry out their responsibilities in performing annual mine inspections pursuant to Public Resources Code 2774(b).

Interim Management Plan (IMP) Form
Adopted November 9, 2006, the IMP form is intended to assist surface mine operators in fulfilling the requirements for an IMP by providing a form, which clarifies and supplements existing statute for operations which have become idle.

Guidelines for Classification and Designation of Mineral Lands
This guideline addresses the process of mineral resource Classification of lands in California by the State Geologist (PRC § 2761) and Designation of lands in California by the State Mining and Geology Board (PRC § 2790).

Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards
Adopted 3/13/97, this document constitutes the guidelines for evaluating seismic hazards other than surface fault-rupture, and for recommending mitigation measures as required by PRC §2695.

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