Rulemaking Archive​​

The Department of Conservation DOC is responsible for conducting rulemakings to adopt and amend regulations covering a variety of areas.  This page contains prior Rulemaking up to 2017.    

Rulemakings in 2017

AB 2729 Idle Well Regulations

AB1420 Gas Pipeline Regulations 

Underground Injection Control Update

Underground Gas Storage

Rulemakings in 2016
Underground Gas Storage


Underground Injection Control Update

Rulemakings in 2015
Aquifer Exemption Compliance Schedule Regulations
Rulemakings in 2014
SB4 Well Stimulation Treatment Permanent and Emergency Regulations

SB 618 Solar-Use Easement Regulations

Rulemakings in 2010
AB 1960 (Oil/Gas Facilities Maintenance) Regulations