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Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program 

Siskiyou County

Important Farmland Data Availabilty
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Land Use Conversion TableField ReportGIS DataPDF Map
2010-2012 --- In Progress2012 --- In Progress2012 --- In Progress2012 --- In Progress
2002-2004200420042004 --- Digital Format NA
2000-2002200220022002 --- Digital Format NA
1998-2000200020002000 --- Digital Format NA
1996-19981998 --- Digital Format NA19981998 --- Digital Format NA
1994-19961996 --- Digital Format NA19961996 --- Digital Format NA
1992-19941994 --- Digital Format NA19941994 --- Digital Format NA
1990-1992 --- Digital Format NA1992 --- Digital Format NA19921992 --- Digital Format NA
1988-1990 --- Digital Format NA1990 --- Digital Format NA19901990 --- Digital Format NA
1986-1988 --- Digital Format NA1988 --- Digital Format NA19881988 --- Digital Format NA
1984-1986 --- Digital Format NA1986 --- Digital Format NA19861986 --- Digital Format NA
1982-1984 --- Not Available1984 --- Not Available1984 --- Not Available1984 --- Not Available
Full size county PDF maps are available, beginning with 2006 data. These large maps are formatted to print on 36" plotters, or zoom in to your area of interest for greater detail. Individual counties may consist of one to three map sheets. PDF files may be up to 7 MB in size.

Note: Base year of mapping for most counties is 1984. Counties which were added at a later date are designated as 'Not Available' from 1984 until their initial mapping year in the table above. Information designated as 'Digital Format NA' is available in paper format by contacting FMMP.