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​​​Resource Conservation District Assistance 

What's New - RCD Resource Library
New Page with All New Material!
RCD Resource Library - Your Feedback Requested
Please take a look at the start of our new RCD Resource Library and provide us with feedback about what you would like to see in the Library. You can provide feedback to DOC (
or CARCD (

Minimum Ca RCD Requirements Checklist

This checklist was created by the CA Association of Resource Conservation Districts and Dept. of Conservation. The checklist was designed as a tool to ensure RCDs are meeting the basic requirements for Resource Conservation Districts.

Planning for the Future - A Statewide Pathway to Excellence in Service packet

This packet includes the RCD Vision and Standards adopted at the CARCD Conference in November 2014. The Vision summarizes key strategies for success and the Standards provide a roadmap of activities that successful RCDs typically engage in.

RCD Information Sharing Library

In 2005 we created an RCD Information Sharing Library on compact disc. The CD contained a variety of documents created by RCDs that we felt may be of use to other RCDs. We have been collecting documents for an updated version of the CD and now have them on our website. The documents include agendas, minutes, newsletters, plans, outreach materials, policies, job announcements, and more.

Soon, the documents contained​ in the information sharing library will become part of the new RCD Resource Library. If you have a document you created that you feel other could benefit from please send them to us at and we will add them.


RCD Assistance

The Department of Conservation provides assistance to California’s Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) in their mission to develop a land stewardship ethic that promotes long-term sustainability of the state’s rich and diverse natural resource heritage.

This support can take the form of:

  • Financial assistance through grant programs;
  • Administrative education through California Conservation Partnership (CCP) training programs; and
  • Information and technical support through publications and technical assistance.
  • Information through our RCD Resources page

Some files on this site are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or compressed (zip) format.  Utilities to read both are freely available on the Internet.  Spreadsheet information is formatted in Excel 97 or 2000 for Windows.



What is a RCD?

Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) are "special districts" of the state of California, set up under California law to be locally governed agencies with their own locally appointed or elected, independent boards of directors. California RCDs implement projects on public and private lands and educate landowners and the public about resource conservation.  RCDs, authorized under Division 9 of the Public Resources Code, work together to conduct:

  • Watershed planning and management
  • Water conservation
  • Water quality protection and enhancement
  • Agricultural land conservation
  • Soil and water management on non-agricultural lands
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Wetland conservation
  • Recreational land restoration
  • Irrigation management
  • Conservation education
  • Forest stewardship
  • Urban resource conservation
Division of Land Resource Protection 

Division of Land Resource Protection
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